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Joining research


You can always check if there is research that can be joined on the subject.

The benefits of joining research

A: It does not involve payment and the treatment costs in private care can be quite high.

B. Ensuring safety in research is higher than elsewhere.

Disadvantages of joining research

A. Children may be disqualified from research due to certain parameters (like unit size, genetic disease, the child's IQ, etc).

B. Waiting for research can take quite a long time.

C. In the study, the child is given one dose of cord blood/stem cells and one dose of placebo six months apart. It is not known what treatment the child will receive at a given time.

Children generally won't be allowed to participate in an experiment in a country that does not use their native tongue since it won't be possible to evaluate the child's speech improvement.

You can search for research that recruits children at any given time on this site:

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