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There are many clinics all over the world. I add here a link to a spreadsheet containing various clinics that are often mentioned in Facebook groups by people who have been there and seen good results. From the table, you can get basic information regarding the treatment offered, price range, etc.
* If you wish to update certain parameters or add clinics, please write to me. I will check it and update the relevant info.
Note: I only add clinics that are legal in their country and properly licensed. Since we have no way of evaluating clinics ourselves, the least we need is a third party from the state that observes and maintains regularities.

In addition, I advise you to enter dedicated Facebook groups and get more info regarding a clinic that has piqued your interest.



When you roam different Facebook groups it is important to remember two things:

1. The vast majority of groups are run by people who promote one clinic or another. You can still find in each of them, people's feedback regarding a variety of clinics, but be aware of the group guideline while reading, it will help you adopt a critical reading and see the full picture.


2. Remember that people in different groups are not doctors and have not studied the field. Not everyone has vast knowledge on the subject so the answers they give are not necessarily correct. Reliable answers will usually be repeated between different people. You will also soon be able to identify key people in the group who have extensive knowledge in the field. Look for their responses. If you still have doubts regarding certain questions, many researchers in the field will be happy to answer your questions if you write to them and they are without a doubt the most reliable address for answers.

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