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Does cord blood / Stem cell therapy always help?


In a study at Duke University in 2017 on children with autism, it was found that giving umbilical cord blood (UCB) significantly improves social and communicative abilities in some of them. A broader study in 2020 showed significant improvement in children between the age of 4-7 and with NVIQ over 70 after being treated with UCB. Additional studies in the field show similar results in terms of significant improvement shown only in some of the children.

The variety of responses to the treatment can also be seen in parents' reports in the various Facebook groups. Some children show significant improvement, some show only small ones and some show no improvements at all.

However, SCT can achieve a significant developmental advancement in a child with autism, which is not seen in other ways.
It is not an easy dilemma whether to treat your child with SCT/UCB since this treatment is still in research, there is no conclusive evidence that it does help, and it is not possible to know in advance which children will benefit from the treatment and which won't. At the same time, if the treatment helps, it can be life-changing for the whole family (but it does not CURE autism!!!). 

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